Credit Game University, created by our top guru, Mike, is the first ever collection of courses that are revolutionary, digital and interactive. These courses teach you, from beginner to expert, the proprietary methods Mike used himself to create an 8-figure business.

Best Selling Courses!


Fastest Credit Repair Results on the Planet. 

Digital Deletion Education

75% OFF competitor pricing on aged tradelines

Associates Edition

Bachelor Edition

Master’s Edition

6 month’s of individualized coaching with Mike himself\

Plus MUCH more!

Very Fast Credit Repair Results

75% OFF competitor pricing on aged tradelines

Associates Edition

Additional Vendors – Auto Loans, Exotic Car Loans, Home Loans, Credit Card Loans

Plus MUCH more!!

Mastermind Edition Course

Are you ready to become a master?


Learn the proven marketing strategies to gain clients, get paid, and do it over and over again.


Train your mind to systematically extract what it knows best.


Access weekly interactive training with Mike & Trevor where they will discuss current and important topics regarding credit, finance, marketing, building businesses, and MORE!


Join live calls with Mike, Trevor, and special guests EVERY WEEK at 8PM EST! Link is emailed to you two hours before each interactive call.

Credit Game University Mastermind

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