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Our commitment

We are committed to helping raise the national average credit score.

We believe in two simple, yet powerful, principles:

Low credit scores suck!

Knowledge is power.

We have developed the world’s FIRST revolutionary credit platform, Credit Game University. Firstly, this program will guide you through building a solid credit foundation. After that, flowing to the most sought after ADVANCED credit knowledge in the industry.

Can you remember the last time in high school or college they taught you about credit or finances? NEVER HAPPENED!

Did you have your mommy or daddy as your credit superhero growing up? UNLIKELY!

For instance, Mike propelled his credit score into the low to mid 800s and has helped thousands of people improve their credit. In other words, by applying the same techniques shared in this online educational platform called Credit Game University.

🔥 ✔️ How to boost your credit ON YOUR OWN vs. paying expensive companies. Or… if you’re busy and don’t have time to boost your own credit, then you will enjoy 👇👇👇👇

🔥 ✔️ VIP MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS to the industry’s most reliable Credit Boosting & Tradeline Vendors (with massive discounts off other competitor prices for just being part of our program)

🔥 ✔️ TRADELINES: How to get authorized user tradelines for FREE

🔥 ✔️ PRIMARY TRADELINES: uncover most reputable credit building accounts in the industry

🔥 ✔️ CREDIT CARDS & FUNDING & ONLINE CHECKING ACCOUNTS: Get access to the funding options that can help you save money, build credit, and manage your finances more efficiently

🔥 ✔️ Master credit card application tips

🔥 ✔️ In addition, FREE access to the recently launched interactive Credit Game video series

Therefore, Mike and his team of credit experts put together a new comprehensive credit improvement education program, Credit Game Universitybased on 10+ years experience learning “the credit game” and after Mike raised his own credit score from out of the low 500s to over 800! As a result, Mike is now a part of the elite “800 Club”. Above all, he wants you to join him!

Mike Credit Game University

Having an 800+ credit score is more valuable than $100,000 in cold hard cash, let’s roll!


president & Ceo, The Credit Game

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