What does The Credit Game University do?

In a nutshell, we offer credit, financial, and business education. Our programs also offer access to the best-preferred vendors in the credit and financial space for a myriad of different services and products. We also offer private coaching to help with any credit or business needs.

What is the cost?

Our prices change on a regular basis to reflect current promotions. The best way to obtain our current pricing is to give us a call. You can reach us at 904.420.7772 

Does The Credit Game University Offer Credit Repair?

 With a few of our top-tier programs, we offer Credit Repair completely free! The cost of credit repair services are covered within the cost of the course. Credit Repair services are performed by our preferred vendor. The only cost our clients incur is a consultation fee, paid directly to the preferred vendor.

How Much Does It Cost For Credit Repair?

We are not a credit repair company and do not sell credit repair services. Services are included with a purchase of some of our programs and provided by our preferred vendor. The only cost associated with any services is a small consultation fee, paid directly to the preferred vendor.

What Negatives Are Disputed By Your Preferred Vendor?

Any erroneous, unfair, unduly, or incorrect information will be disputed. The preferred vendor will not dispute any late payments on open accounts as this would close the accounts in question. Negative student loans, child support, repossessions, and bankruptcies are more difficult to remove and offer a lower chance of success.


What are the Guarantees?

If our client’s do not see results from the preferred vendor, they are eligible for 100% money back guarantee on any consultation fees paid to the preferred vendor. 


Can I Use Your Education To Repair My Credit Without Your Vendor?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to help your friends and family with our proprietary education and resources. 


What Services Does Your Preferred Vendor Offer?

They offer Inquiry Removal and Credit Repair. These are two separate services and are free with the purchase of our top tier programs. Only a small consultation fee is required. 


Are Authorized Tradelines Included?

Authorized User Tradelines are not included with the purchase of digital education. However, our clients have access to our preferred vendor and can purchase Authorized User Tradelines for up to 75% off competitor pricing.