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How To Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points

Raise Credit Score

Do you know your credit score right now?

Many people call us and say, “Can you tell me what my credit score is?”

You can know your credit scores today just by accessing your credit report through Credit Karma, Credit Check Total, Experian, etc. It takes five seconds. This way, when we say, “Would you like to raise your credit score 100 points?” you will know where you’re starting, and what you’ll want the end score to be if you want to raise it 100 points.

It is important to know why you want a higher credit score.

Is it because:

  • An 800 credit score is valued at over $150,000 in cash
  • You want to know that when you walk into a bank and apply for a loan, or apply for a credit card online, you won’t be turned down
  • It would be nice to walk into any car dealership and say, “That’s the car I want, with a 0% interest rate and a very small down payment”
  • A new home is in your near future, possibly your first home
  • It’s time for you to get into a brand new apartment

So far, the first thing to do is to know exactly what your score is today, and second, know exactly why you want to raise your score.

Next, you should understand the mechanics of a credit score. For instance, did you know that your credit score is basically comprised like a wheel?

Now again, we’re talking about raising your credit score fast, not something that’s going to take six months to a year. More importantly, you should do it now before this FICO 10 comes out.

To get your credit score up 100 points right now, focus on these three things:

  1. Remove your late payments
    • A third of your score (35%) comes from your payment history. Therefore, to raise your credit score extremely fast you want to remove late payments since they will hold your score down the most
  2. Add aged trade lines—a trade line is powerful and is a band-aid to raising your credit score fast
    • The rule of thumb when it comes to tradelines is that age trumps credit limit when you are purchasing them. For example, a tradeline that is 5-years-old with a $1,000 credit limit will be better than one that is 2-years-old with a $5,000 credit limit. Lenders look at age consistency, so it is very important to consider the age of the tradelines you are looking to purchase. If it has a perfect payment history, even better. When you add a tradeline, it is a copy/paste of that person’s credit card data to yours
    • Therefore, if you get added to a tradeline with low utilization and years of on-time payment history, you will “piggy-back” off this good history and it will be a game changer. At this moment, nearing the end of 2020, tradelines are still working with 80% of lenders, so they are highly recommended if you want a quick fix. Moreover, when the tradeline comes off, the age stays and you only lose the revolving credit limit. The cool thing about tradelines is that they are a quick fix to get what you need today.
  3. Decrease your utilization by paying down your credit cards to 2%
    • If you lower your utilization on at least one of your credit cards to 2%, you score will drive up very quickly.

I can almost assure you that will be 100 point increase or higher, just by doing those three things right there. That being said, this can seem overwhelming. You may be wondering about one or many of the following:

  • How to remove late payments
  • Obtaining tradelines
  • What if I don’t have a family member or friend who can help?
  • I don’t know what to do or how to raise my credit score
  • The only thing I can really do right now is pay one of my credit cards down to 2%

Helping people address these questions and confusion is exactly what The Credit Game was built for. It is a credit education platform that:

  • Has taught thousands of people how to do their own credit repair
  • Includes proprietary information and techniques, with the exact letters and documents you’ll need to start improving your credit immediately
  • Boasts a proven track record and hundreds of 5-star customer testimonials

The Key is Education

It is the most powerful tool you can leverage as an adult. If you want to succeed in life, make more money and have the leverage to go where you want for as long as you want with whomever you want and not be constrained to life, then you need to have good credit. Credit is an adult toy, not a kid toy.

Today we have given you the top three techniques for dramatically improving your credit. However, if you are extremely busy and/or don’t have the time to do tackle everything, inside and out, that’s ok. This is what Credit Game University is for – it is a plug and play program, including the exact tutorials and videos you’ll need to get this done quickly and effectively. Best of all, this program is so easy a 4-year-old could do it. Elite Credit Repair is also included with most of our products, for free!

Even if you are thinking you want to tackle this entirely on your own, the Credit Game programs would still be invaluable. This would be like the difference between walking through a minefield and either knowing where the mines are (because I’ve taught you where the mines are so you can) and navigating around them, or not (you can do the work yourself and try to figure it out in the next two years). Most people live with bad credit for years because they don’t have the education to know where to go, what to do, or how to start. That’s the benefit of having somebody who’s already done it.

I understand that in the year 2020, people want stuff to be easy and to not have to work for it. This is exactly why The Credit Game was created. It’s plug and play, includes tons of informative videos, with everything in order, telling you exactly what you need to do, to whom to send it. You just need to take the action by calling. It takes two seconds to pick up the phone.

We’re talking about results in 60 days, not 6 months to years. We want to help you. It takes action to get results. The action is to make the phone call. That’s it. What does it hurt to give us a call and say, “Hey, I need help.” You call us up, we explain the program, there’s no obligation. (904) 420-7772

We Can Help

At The Credit Game, our programs show you step-by-step, in order with videos, the proprietary letters and all the information you need to take care of collections, judgements, foreclosures, repos, student loans, etc. These are 2 to 3 minute videos, walking you through the process all the way up to you at USPS saying, “Hey, here’s my letter.” It’s a simple plug-and-play. All you have to do is fill in your information where it’s highlighted and mail it. We practically hold your hand through the entire process. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you.

We’ve have a decade’s experience, and a phenomenal system called “The Credit Game”. We give you the education to help you change your life. Just remember, this is for adults only. Sandboxes are for kids, credit is for adults.

We can help you remove the negative information. If you need help adding tradelines, putting on the positives, we can help with that too. We then educate you so you never go backwards again. Our founder, Mike learned the Credit Game, and took himself from a 515 credit score into the 800s, and never went back because of the Credit Game platform he put together.

So give us a call today. All it will cost you is 15 minutes on the phone. If it's for you, we'll put something together, we'll make it work:

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