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Raise Your Credit Score 50 Points in Less Than 5 Minutes

What we are outlining below is the quickest and simplest way to raise your credit score and is an absolute gem. These steps brought one client from a 565 to a 615 credit score very quickly. The main reason this tactic was so effective is because of how FICO, a scoring model, relates to revolving accounts, and people with revolving accounts benefit the most from this relation. 

Raise your credit score fast. First things first—check your credit report for revolving accounts.

Go to (they have a free service) and check your credit report to see if you have any revolving accounts. This type of account is usually a line of credit or a credit card. If you do have revolving accounts, make sure they are being paid on time. Now, if you do not have any revolving accounts (maybe you have some student loans, a car payment), this typically means you have a thin file.

If you do not have any revolving accounts on your credit report, follow these two simple steps:

Step 1. Go to Credit Card Builder and open a revolving account. You’ll get a discount, and you can actually get up to two of them, which will build your credit even faster.

Who is this link for?

  • It’s for those who don’t have any revolving accounts on their credit report
  • This is for people who don’t have credit, or have low credit
  • People with a thin file or not a lot of history

What are the benefits of using this link?

  • The approval is phenomenal, and almost every person will get approved
  • It reports to all three credit bureaus
  • They allow you to get two cards, not just one
  • This is the fastest way to get your credit score raised, humanly possible

Step 2. Go get lunch.. and then pay the card off.

When you get the card, go spend $10 on the card right away—go buy lunch.. something simple. Since you are now putting debt on the card, you’re going to see the magic happen. In terms of utilization, 2-3% has always been the magic number I recommend for building credit, so keep it there consistently.

For those who already have credit cards (i.e. revolving accounts), here is what you’ll need to do:

If you already have some credit cards, for instance, a couple of revolving accounts you pay on time, the above steps may not apply to you. Fortunately, you can also raise your credit score, and I have something for you too.

You’ll need to identify a person willing to share their credit with you – maybe that’s mom, dad, an uncle, brother, sister – all they have to do is call their bank, it’s no risk to them, and add you as an authorized user. But you’ll want to follow these tips:

  • Regardless of who the card belongs to, make sure the card itself has never had any late payments. The reason for this, is that everything will transfer and that card’s credit history will copy and paste over to you. If the card has late payments, this will reflect on your report and obviously that’s a bad thing
  • Be sure the card has utilization under 15%, or ideally, under 10%
  • You also want a $10,000+ credit limit
  • And at least 5 years of history
  • Make sure the card reports to the credit bureaus

To raise your credit score using the suggestions above, I recommend Barclays, Capital One, Discover, City Bank, Navy Federal and USAA. These are great cards and if you have family members who have any of these, and who fit the criteria above, this will be your best bet.

The “golden rule of thumb” to get the 50 plus points is: you get about 5-7 points per year, from each authorized user add.

  • For instance, 10 years of history will give you approximately 50 to 70 points
  • Or, 5 years of history might get you somewhere between 35 and 40 points


If you do not have revolving credit:

Go to Credit Card Builder and get yourself one or two of the credit card builders. As soon as you get the card in the mail, go buy lunch and then pay the card off.

You already have revolving credit:

To raise your credit score, ask someone you have trust with to add you as an authorized user to their account. You can ask a family member, a friend, a co-worker, etc. Be sure it fits the criteria—no late payments, utilization under 15%, at least a $10k credit limit and about 10 years of history.

You may have revolving accounts in the negative. However, you don’t have somebody who meets the criteria above, and you’re looking for authorized users. Fortunately, we can help. If you’re not making payments, or missed a few payments, it is okay. However, when you are looking to get things cleaned up, you should know there are companies that will drag the process out for up to 18 to 24 months.

Why is this? It’s because it is a set up designed to challenge one or two things per month. They get you on a monthly payment of $100 to $150 per month, and you pay this for up to 18 to 24 months while barely anything comes off.

What to do instead:

Get into our Associates or Bachelors program. We have vetted and screened the best vendors in a world that have authorized users that already meet the criteria listed previously. The Credit Game team can help you with both authorized users, through our VIP vendor section, as well as Elite Credit Repair if you don’t want to wait 18 to 24 months.

Time is the most valuable commodity in the world and you shouldn’t waste your time. We have the fastest credit repair on the planet. With The Credit Game’s proprietary letters and our vendors, it’s game over. We’re talking about results in 60 days, and not dragging you out until 2023. Our team has helped thousands of people in the last 60 days alone.

Call us now to join thousands who have already raised their credit score:

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