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Denied For Credit Card

Are you applying for credit cards, loans, vehicles and getting denied? The misconception of credit is that people think if they have a high credit score, that they should be approved for everything. How is it possible to have a 794 credit score and get denied? Even more, how is possible to get approved with a low score? Here’s how. You have to understand credit. You have to know The Credit Game.

If you are getting denied for credit, there’s a reason. And the reason is because the computer system. The computer system doesn’t like the answers on your application. If you are filling out an application saying, “I just got my job last month, I make $13,000 a year and I am currently living in my mom’s basement,” do you think you will be approved? It’s a silly question, but it’s important to think about because you are not looking like a good candidate for credit.

The fact is, most people apply online and fill out the application based on their particular situation at that moment, not realizing there is ideal information they should put there instead. So what happens is you apply, you have no idea what to put on the application, but you just fill it out and think, “please, please, please…” When you are applying for credit cards, you have no clue what the credit card even expects.

Don't Give Up

If you get denied, this doesn’t mean you won’t get the card. Another misconception is that when you apply online and the response is, “more information needed” or “we’ll get back to you in 7-10 days,” that’s the end. But don’t give up. As soon as you get this response, contact the bank and say, “I applied for a credit card and I would like a reconsideration on this.” When you are dealing with a human, versus a computer, they have sympathy since everyone is going through the same situation. “I really want to be with you guys and I believe this is the family of credit cards I want to be with. I’d like you to reconsider looking at my credit card application.” And they will do that. And then you have a human instead of a computer.

It's Time to Understand The Game

With a 512 credit score, you could be applying for a card that requires a 700 score, but you didn’t realize that. After doing this many times, you’ve acquired several inquiries. After many inquiries, the computer system realizes you are searching for credit and are likely cash strapped. When you’re cash strapped, you try to leverage credit to get more credit cards so you could use those instead of cash because you don’t have a lot of cash.

If you’re applying for a credit card, you have to know what to apply for and what credit bureaus they’re pulling from. It’s time to join the thousands of people who have already looked into The Credit Game and are getting credit cards with low credit scores because they know what credit bureau it’s pulling from, they know the credit score needed to get that credit card, and what has to be on your credit report to get that particular card. All of this is laid out in our Credit Game programs.

When you understand the game, you knew what to put on there – how long for your job history, your rental history, your annual income?, etc. Moreover, you will know what credit cards to apply for based on your credit report and the different credit bureaus. All credit reports are not the same. You may be looking at a 612 credit score with Experian, but TransUnion is showing a 740. Which credit bureau would you want it pulling from it?

Did you know it’s possible to get approved for five American Express credit cards, straight through, with only one inquiry on Experian? How? By understanding The Credit Game.

We Can Help

At The Credit Game, our programs show you step-by-step, in order with videos, the proprietary letters and all the information you need to take care of collections, judgements, foreclosures, repos, student loans, etc. These are 2 to 3 minute videos, walking you through the process all the way up to you at USPS saying, “Hey, here’s my letter.” It’s a simple plug-and-play. All you have to do is fill in your information where it’s highlighted and mail it. We practically hold your hand through the entire process. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you.

We’ve have a decade’s experience, and a phenomenal system called “The Credit Game”. We give you the education to help you change your life. Just remember, this is for adults only. Sandboxes are for kids, credit is for adults.

We can help you remove the negative information. If you need help adding tradelines, putting on the positives, we can help with that too. We then educate you so you never go backwards again. Our founder, Mike learned the Credit Game, and took himself from a 515 credit score into the 800s, and never went back because of the Credit Game platform he put together.

So give us a call today. All it will cost you is 15 minutes on the phone. If it's for you, we'll put something together, we'll make it work:

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