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Tips For Getting an American Express Credit Card

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To get started. let’s discuss the difference between a charge card and a credit card:

American Express has two different options –

  1. Option #1 is a charge card, which basically means that you have to pay that credit card off at the end of each month. The benefit is you don’t pay interest. You use it almost like cash. You use it, and pay it off by the end of the month, before the statement date, and you have no interest on that card.
  2. Option #2 is a regular credit card, and there will likely be interest, depending on how much you use.

It is also interesting to understand why people want American Express cards:

Many people consider these cards bragging rights. It is a card that most people don’t have, so everybody wants it. They’re sleek, pretty, heavy-weight and they feel substantial. People love the cards themselves.

American Express cards come with a lot of perks. There are travel benefits, such as great hotel options and concierge services. You get the best discounts, the best rates and usually the best credit line increases.

Most importantly, people want American Express because it is showing that you’re going in the right direction and that you have good credit.

Now, there is an annual fee with the AMEX card, so if you’re cheap, this may not be your option. However, the fee is nothing compared to the benefits—the travel benefits, the no-check bags, the concierge service, the rewards you get back, the higher credit limits, etc.

Follow these tips for getting an American Express card:

1. Make sure that you have primary accounts.

Bear in mind, if you’ve just gone through credit repair, or if you are brand new to credit, AMEX will not be your first card. If you don’t have much on your report, you can’t just have authorized users. You need primary accounts to get American Express cards. Since an AMEX is not a great first card, here are three card recommendations for those who are either new to credit, or have very low credit history, don’t have any primaries, and maybe just have AUs. 

You may only get approved for low limits, but these are great cards to start building up your credit. After these are reporting, and showing on your credit report, then you can apply for the American Express card. 

You can have AUs, but you can’t have only AUs. You have to have primary accounts as well. A couple of primary accounts and a couple of AU accounts would work.

2. Opt in to public record.

If you don’t know what that means, here are a few ways of getting into public record: 

  • Apply for a fishing license
  • Get a rewards card from your local supermarket or drug store, like Walgreens or CVS. You may remember these small cards that go on your key chain. Rewards cards are not credit cards. Get yourself at least three different store rewards cards and this will get you into public record.
  • For more information on how to get into public record, and even how to get credit cards with no SSN, you can read our blog post here, or watch this video from our popular YouTube channel. These resources will show you how to opt in to public record. You want to get inside public record because that is the way that you’re going to start getting pre-approval credit card offers. The best chances of getting approved for a credit card is when you get the offer through the mail, as opposed to just applying online.

3. Use the referral codes below when applying for an American Express credit card.

With American Express, you can apply for multiple credit cards (up to five) with just one inquiry, as long as you do it within a 30 minute window. How cool is that?!

Now that you know this, here are the links that will increase your chances of getting approved since they are attached to a referral code directly associated with us here at The Credit Game. There are two personal and two business cards, but skip the business ones if you don’t have a business and just do the two personal ones. Apply for them in order of the way they are listed below. Apply to each of them back to back, all within a 30 minute period. This is all done online.

Now, you likely won’t get approved for any of them right up front because American Express doesn’t approve up front. They will send you an email and stating they need more information. They may even suggest you call them. This does not mean you didn’t get approved. They will simply ask you a few questions and verify the information you put on your application (like your income, address, job history, rental history, etc.) so it’s important to remember what you put there.

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